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why chiropractic for dogs?

"How do I know if my dog needs

chiropractic care"?


  • difficulty rising from lying down, or
    sitting to standing

  • muscle stiffness or weakness

  • shaking/tremors

  • mobility and gait abnormalities

  • change in posture, ie.  sitting on one
    hip rather than squarely 

  • animals that have three legs

  • hit by a car or injured from a fall

  • bowel or bladder problems

  • digestive upsets and hot spots

  • issues with chewing or dropping
    food or toys

  • sensitivity to touch

  • Your veterinarian diagnosed your pet with:

        • neck, back or disc problems

        • arthritis

        • soft tissue, muscle or ligament injury

  • OR, you just want to maintain a happy, healthy pet


Pet owners often see increased energy, reduced pain, or wagging tails after a few treatments. The comment
I love hearing the most is, "My pet is acting normally again"!

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